Open Arms

The Bosch family

Jordi and Ria Bosch and their three children;Timo, Joah and Hanna Elena, are from Holland. They have been serving God since 2011, as missionaries for YWAM, Lima.

Brazos Abiertos (Open Arms)

Brazos Abiertos is a ministry with a passion for high risk families. Its mission is to restore the families to the image of the family God had in mind when He created them. The family centre Brazos Abiertos is situated in Nueva Juventud, a human settlement on the south border of Lima. Here, more than 10.000 people live in high risk circumstances.

We are the only ministry operative in this area. On a full time basis we develop new programmes that match our objectives. In the family centre we work with all members of the family, divided according to the different programmes that are offered:

– Primary school (60 kids)

– Remedial teaching (50 kids)

– Club for teenagers

– Women’s club with creative and sports programmes, and workshops

– Family counseling

– Bible club

– Classes in literacy

– Church

– and several other programmes

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