Station of Hope

Estación Esperanza

At a gas station cars are being refilled with gasoline to get the energy which is needed to make a car run. At a Station of Hope (“Estación Esperanza”) people are being refilled with hope of our Lord Jesus Christ which is needed on our way of life.

We are a ministry of YWAM Lima, located in a rather new neighbourhood North of Lima in Ventanilla, which belongs to the constitutional province of Callo. Our focus is on the restoration of families: helping the members of the families to help themselves. Estación Esperanza trains and guides families, sets goals together with and for the families and provides the needed tools to achieve their goals. Moreover, Estación Esperanza connects people with churches and organisations who are able to help these families.

We started the project in August 2014, yet we are still in the beginning of the work which belongs to our God. However, the location is not new to me, Carlos Bernales. I lived in this area for 12 years in my childhood, knowing the challenges of the people living here. Thanks to my past, the whole team can count on the obedience of many persons.

The three pillars of Estación Esperanza:

  • Helping: A fundamental base of Estación Esperanza is helping the needy. The basis of our help is the mentoring of the families through professional counseling and the correct guidance to solve their problems.
  • Training: We offer kids, youth and parents the possibility to progress in their studies (English classes, homework support, speech therapy). Mothers can learn manual work (handcrafts, bakery, etc.) which allows them to generate their own income. The training aims to enable the persons to achieve their objectives which have been defined in the workshops as well as to help them to discover and develop their talents.
  • Developing: Through different programs (games, sports, music, teachings, handcrafts, etc.) we enable children, youth and parents to develop their personality and to gain confidence. A positive personal development is a good way to prevent problems such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, drug consumption, gangs, etc.


Estación Esperanza puts God as first and last (Psalms 127:1). This psalm clearly affirms that God has to be the One who builds homes and that in our own strength our work is in vain.

For more information about Estación Esperanza, contact us:

Miriam & Carlos Bernales 0051-991032618

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